“I was weak yesterday, but I am strong today”  

First responders - Passage International was there on the front lines, joining with #wehelpnepal and #friendsofnepal to provide emergency relief to isolated villages.

Long-term action - as relief transitions to recovery, Passage International is helping to launch #EngageNepal, a grassroots initiative to help villages take control of their future.

From the people, for the people. As a network of volunteers, educators, artists, and business owners, we know about both the suffering and spiritual bravery of Nepal because we have lived there. Engage Nepal is a bridge between the local communities who need help in rebuilding their lives, and an international community of volunteers, donors, and supporters. 

We know where the support is most needed and how to get it there. We recognize that in this tragedy there are seeds of hope that will sprout from the rubble – and that is why we must support a new model for relief and recovery, one that is led by and for the Nepali people.   

  • Act as a task force to raise support for earthquake recovery based on our direct connection to Nepal, with no fundraising costs. 
  • Use our decades of experience in Nepal to empower grassroots relief that builds long-term self-reliance. 
  • Raise funds from our network of friends and allies based on mutual trust, financial transparency, and full accountability.  


  • Locally-led and staffed 
  • Corruption-free – so that the money supports need, not greed 
  • Build capacity at the community level 
  • Support long-term resilience and autonomy 
  • Committed to social justice and sustainability  

Engage Nepal is a network supporting people-to-people investment in Nepal’s recovery effort from the April 25th 2015 earthquake. We are a group of current and former residents committed to assisting well-vetted efforts that are rooted in a philosophy of relief to self-reliance, disaster to sustainable development. 

Engage Nepal will distribute funds to transparent, trustworthy grassroots groups that take a regenerative approach. The recent earthquake was a natural disaster intensified by the manmade forces of rapid development, poverty, and conflict driven displacement. This fund is focused on small to mid-size organizations that are doing community-level work and have the capacity to support locally-led disaster relief and recovery.  

Our expertise comes from our connections to local organizations in Kathmandu and the surrounding areas that are beneath the international radar. 

We are united by our mutual connection to Nepal and committed to alternative development models.  We are an intergenerational network of people who have lived or are currently living in Nepal. We are former AID workers, media activists, permaculture enthusiasts, non-profit directors, dharmabums, musicians and community organizers. We are international, Nepali, refugees, expats, third culture kids and current residents. 

Relief aid, while well intentioned, often ends up in the pockets of corrupt local bureaucrats and/or multinational contracts, very little reaching the people that actually need the aid. This has been seen in many disaster situations from the 2004 Asian tsunami to the 2010 Haiti earthquake.  

100% of your proceeds will go directly to the victims. All administrative costs will be covered by us.  Your love of Nepal and sharing of what needs to be done is an injection of hope & inspiration in this time of devastation. Thank you  
Let's dig in deep for Nepal, for humanity! 

In Solidarity, 

Yanik Shrestha


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